Mensa, the world's premier high I.Q. society, is corrupt to the core.

That is not stated lightly. Indeed, it is with deep regret that this website has need to exist at all. It is necessary, however, as Mensa is systemically corrupt. Yet knowledge of this has cleverly been kept well hidden from the membership, who for the most part are oblivious. While this website is, of course, public, it is intended primarily to inform those trusting members of Mensa what their representatives have been doing in their name.

This site details the witch hunts and kangaroo courts of American Mensa. It details the prejudicial election processes, the dubious financial practices, the loyalty oaths, the draconian censorship throughout American Mensa. It details how American Mensa has crushed freedom of speech and created laws of sedition. It details the contempt those in power hold for those who question their authority, their credibility, their integrity. It details the total lack of any sort of accountability in Mensa today.

And above all, it details arrogance. The arrogance of power.

Indeed, this website is necessary because the Mensa society is simply far too important to be lorded over by a handful of bullies and cheats, as it is today.

Everything herein, to the best of our knowledge, is true and correct.

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Corrupt Courts

“Bingo! Just look at who has been tossed out of Mensa. And when the Chairman of the Hearings Committee is the one bringing the charges......Not to mention running the committee in direct violation of the applicable rules. Rules which he helped put into place.... Yes, that is Dave Remine I'm referring to.”

(*Document contains links to audio files.)

Enemies List

"As promised my OFFICIAL enemies list. Please post this to wherever anyone might have an interest in the real thing. Thanks." --Dave Remine

Rigged Elections

With the nominating committees, and the loyalty oaths, and the vote recounts, and the extensive secrecy, and the mandated team-players, the “leadership” of American Mensa has become wholly self-serving, self-perpetuating, with any semblance of integrity nonexistent.

Mensa Censorship

There is one shining light in Mensa world, however, that is not subject to the heavy hand of censorship, and that is Mpol(Mensa Politics), an unofficial internet forum created by long-ago AML Chairman Sander Rubin, who was disgusted with the direction American Mensa has been heading. As Mpol cannot be controlled by National, it is the one place where Mensa goings-on can be aired with impunity, warts and all, and so is virtually the sole source of Mensa truth.

Loyalty Oath

To achieve this they recently created a loyalty oath, which all AMC members must agree to, that prohibits those AMC members from even commenting on anything they disagree with after it is established.

Vilification of the Ombudsman

By mandate, American Mensa has a National Ombudsman to deal with members’ grievances. Until recently that Ombudsman was always appointed by the AMC/Board of Directors. As such, that Ombudsman was beholden to that Board, an arrangement which was a major contributing factor in the corruption of Mensa.

Where is Your Money?

The Mensa Foundation, the repository for virtually all of American Mensa’s wealth, is overseen by the very same gentlemen who totally corrupted American Mensa due process.

Isaac Asimov on Mensa arrogance:

Google “Asimov” and ”Mensa” and “arrogance” and see what you get...

Chairman LaRae Bakerink

Your current/outgoing Chairman, LaRae Bakerink, has done nothing to remedy the corruption throughout American Mensa. Indeed, she has been a most willing participant in it, and it has served her well.

Questions to Ask

Any member of Mensa is smart enough to be skeptical of that which you only see one side. As you should be. So here are a few simple questions you can ask your Chairman, and your RVC, and any other members of AMC, that should sufficiently satisfy your skepticism.


99.9 percent of the members of American Mensa have absolutely no interest in running things at the national level. Less than one-tenth of one percent, about 30 members out of 50,000, control American Mensa. In the past those people were, for the most part, responsible stewards, who would come and go every few years. That is no longer the case, as pretty much this same clique has been in power more than twenty years now. They like what they do.

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